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Connector Mechanical Modeling


APEX mechanical modeling simulates loading conditions of virtual three-dimensional parts. Predictive results allow performance and "what-if" assessments before the expense of fabricating parts or tooling.


Traditional design involves drawings, fabricating tooling, making parts, and testing. This approach is costly and time consuming. Mechanical simulation modeling gives performance insight before a part is built; therefore, the entire physical prototype-and-test cycle can be eliminated.


Mechanical finite element analysis (FEA) software converts solid models into a set of mesh elements, allowing constraints, material properties, and loads to be applied. Results are available graphically or can be plotted in 2-D or 3-D images.




  • Draw on mechanical expertise with miniature components
  • Utilize FEA experience and rapid delivery
  • Employ hands-on ability backed by theoretical knowledge
  • Acquire advantages of state of the art analytical software
  • Use non-linear analysis techniques
  • Retain ability to link to electrical simulation



  • Insight into stress concentrations and permanent set
  • Quantification of mating, sliding, and normal forces
  • Determination of overstress, strains, deflections, buckling, twist
  • Application of vibration/harmonics and multiple fatigue cycling
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Optimization of product performance and materials
  • Dynamic visualization (video clip) of component loading



  • Reduced the permanent set of a switch contact
  • Optimized the material thickness for a modular jack contact
  • Reduced the stress concentration of a plastic latch
  • Compared the performance of competing contact designs
  • Maximized the normal force while minimizing the insertion force of a chip socket
  • Screened out inferior design concepts
  • Compared performance between base materials
  • Provided a convincing "show-and-tell" video for senior management