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Fiber Optic Connectors


APEX consultants have wide experience in fiber optics connectors engineering and design.


APEX competencies in fiber optics include:

  • Single Mode and Multimode Connector Design
  • Connector Design Review
  • Connector Failure Analysis
  • Multimode and Single Mode (including Active and Passive) Product Testing & Reliability
  • Connector Tolerance Analysis
  • Connector Optical Loss Simulation and Modeling
  • Connector End-face Geometry Analysis
  • Connector Mechanical Modeling
  • Connector Selection Process
  • Connector Component Selection Process
  • Connector Link Loss Budget Analysis
  • Adhesive Recommendations and Curing Schedules (Single Mode, Multimode), including avoidance of bubbles and voids
  • Methods in Metrology for Micron and Submicron Dimensional Measurement