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Connector Failure Analysis


The primary objective of an APEX failure analysis is to identify, diagnose, assess, and eliminate observed or potential failures. When a failure occurs in the field or during production, it demands a fast resolution. APEX is skilled at 'forensic examination' of parts, processes, and assemblies to identify root causes. APEX diagnostic experience ranges from outright failures to products that simply perform below expectations or ones that suffer occasional quality and consistency issues.


APEX focuses on immediate containment and minimization of problems, followed by a permanent resolution. Recommendations are hands-on (from an applied and/or practical basis), are supported by a theoretical framework, and are frequently enhanced by laboratory analysis and/or electromechanical simulation.




  • Gain quick analysis to minimize defective production and costs
  • Minimize future rework and recalls
  • Obtain design and process recommendations to eliminate the failure
  • Secure broad and specific solutions from a disciplined team



  • Situation assessment On-site, teleconference, direct interaction
  • Detailed examination Visual, microscopic, SEM, x-ray, chemical
  • Disassembly Mechanical, cross sectional, assembly & process investigation
  • Assessment Electrical, mechanical, chemical, materials, degradation issues
  • Failure identification Root causes, technical definitions, experienced-based
  • Failure support Theoretical basis, simulation modeling, testing
  • Documentation Written, exam notes, photographic, recommendations



  • Resolved the overheating problem of a lamp socket power connector
  • Eliminated chip socket issues by a tolerance stack-up analysis
  • Diagnosed random electrical opens in a card edge connector
  • Identified fretting corrosion as the cause of high contact resistance
  • Determined the source of contamination on plated contacts
  • Discovered multiple causes of automotive connector high mating forces
  • Identified the source of electrical noise in a filtered connector
  • Resolved crimped-contact quality issues
  • Determined the cause of cracking in plastic parts
  • Improved component solder joint quality