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Connector Design Reviews


Independent design reviews and/or stage gates are effective tools frequently used to ensure that programs meet their objectives during all phases of the product life cycle, from initial concept through full production and optimization. A design review is often conducted at the completion of the concept, development, introduction and growth phases. Design reviews should address not only the design of the product itself, but also all aspects of the program.


With today's time-to-market demands manufacturers (OEM/ODM) an/or contract manufacturers (CM) are often intimately familiar with the design and production of their end product, but may not be comfortable with the requirements, performance, and application of the electrical interconnections used in them.


APEX has extensive experience chairing and actively participating in rigorous design reviews for a wide range of industries and products. APEX believes in the benefits of a disciplined process.




  • Include multidisciplinary functions
  • Identify problems at an early stage
  • Gain independent and impartial feedback
  • Obtain improved product reliability
  • Achieve lower cost
  • Reduce the potential for future redesign
  • Secure years of "hands-on" experience



  • Marketing input / business plan
  • Quality assurance requirements
  • Tooling and manufacturing processes
  • Cost targets and estimates
  • Application equipment, packaging, and shipping
  • Complete systems approach
  • Inputs from a wide range of experiences



  • Laptop computer interconnections
  • High-density chip carriers
  • Waste disposal switch
  • Home laundry wiring harnesses
  • Medical instrumentation interconnections
  • Heat sink fabrication and attachment
  • Molded-in devices for consumer electronics