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Connector Conceptualization


Product conceptualization is the art of creating new designs while incorporating all known product requirements and considering the feasibility of real world production. Further selection, detail design, and development are required to optimize the product for production.


Creativity and product conceptualization is a talent many engineers possess; but in today's lean staffing situations, in-house engineers often may not have sufficient time or breadth of experience to generate the best solutions.


APEX has extensive experience in developing unique concepts as evidenced by having been awarded more than 300 United States patents. These patents have been for a myriad of industries, and the concepts include terminals, contacts, connectors, interconnection systems, application equipment, and manufacturing processes.




  • Gain fresh, "out-of-the-box" ideas
  • Identify problem concepts early in the process
  • Obtain independent and impartial feedback
  • Achieve improved product reliability
  • Reduce the need for future redesign
  • Employ a combination of practical and theoretical experience
  • Reduce time to market 



  • Establishes concept phase design objectives
  • Brainstorms product ideas
  • Develops multiple concepts for the best solution
  • Works independently or directly with clients
  • Provides a complete systems approach: functionality, manufacturability, costs, etc.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach 



  • Very high density, high-speed, board-to-board interconnections
  • Disposable medical diagnostic device connections
  • Quick-connect hardware for connectors
  • ZIF connector for a computer mainframe
  • Low-cost filtered modular jacks
  • Sealed, quick-connect, industrial cable assemblies
  • High current contacts for automotive application
  • Low-voltage lighting interconnections
  • IC socket simulation and design
  • Printhead interconnect