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Connector Detail Design


Detail designs describe component and assembly features with dimensions and tolerances. These are required for mechanical and electrical analysis, prototyping, costing, tool development, quality assurance, and manufacturing of a product. APEX has the capability and experience to generate detailed designs from internal product concepts or the concepts of others.


To develop detail designs, APEX considers the product's realistic manufacturing requirements and tolerances by drawing on a strong background with precision metal and plastic components, and complex assemblies. The designs are analyzed for form, fit, and function and are documented using geometric dimensioning and tolerances. They may also be analyzed for stress and strain using 2D and 3D state-of-the-art FEA software. The details are presented in various CAD formats for compatibility with various software packages.




  • Unburden internal resources
  • Improve product reliability
  • Achieve lower cost
  • Reduce the need for future redesign
  • Employ years of knowledgeable experience



  • Identifies critical dimensions
  • Includes clear and unambiguous dimensioning
  • Minimizes tolerance stack-ups
  • Incorporates realistic manufacturing processes
  • Presented in compatible CAD formats



  • Complex multi-layer and insert molded lead-frame for automotive application
  • PCB card edge connector for thin medical test strips
  • High output LED package
  • Torque test fixture for a child-proof medicine vial cap
  • Shielded modular jack with filtering
  • Battery holder and switch for a hand held medical instrument