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Connectors: Technical Training


Knowledge about interconnection technologies is helpful to those who design, specify, test, manufacture, purchase, and use interconnection devices. However, interconnection technology is not taught as a specific university course because it encompasses a combination of many different engineering disciplines.


APEX personnel have extensive expertise in interconnection (connector) and related technologies, and have developed a series of informative training courses. The training can be specifically tailored to your needs or selected from our general course listing.




  • Acquire knowledge from a team of experienced industry experts
  • Benefit from custom tailored courses
  • Flexibility to choose time and location for training
  • Draw on a blend of practical and theoretical experience



  • Practical on-site instruction
  • Customize presentations to client's requirements
  • Access to experts after presentations
  • Reference materials
  • Interactive question and answer opportunities



  • Industrial Connectors - Selection Criteria training course
  • Fundamentals of Connector Design training course
  • Lubrication, Organic Coating, and Cleaning for Connectors training course
  • Trained medical device engineering personnel on connector selection
  • Provided technical training at a connector industry technical conference on the following custom topics:
    1. Thin Gold Technology
    2. Thin Base Metals Selection
    3. Thin Wall Polymer Extrusion
    4. Electrical Contact Lubricants