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Failure Analysis of Connectors


When an electromechanical system fails, it is necessary to determine the root cause and establish procedures to eliminate future problems. Often, a failure is attributed to system interconnections. It is necessary to assess the root cause by conducting a disciplined failure analysis of the system.


Failure analysis consists of systematic examination of failed parts along with proper analysis of the forensic evidence to determine exactly what caused the failure. APEX personnel have extensive experience in performing failure analysis of electromechanical products and systems.

Here is a short presentation by the principal consultant George Bedorf on Problem Solving 8D (click on the link to play the presentation)



  • Utilize expert knowledge of forensic analysis
  • Draw on an independent group to determine root causes
  • Troubleshoot with a multi-disciplined team
  • Employ a combination of practical and theoretical experience
  • Improve product reliability
  • Obtain independent and impartial feedback



  • Coordination with independent laboratories
  • Interpretation of SEM, FTIR, AUGER, cross-sections, and other analyses
  • Comprehensive results documentation and recommendations
  • On-site interaction and/or consultation via teleconferencing
  • Electrical, mechanical, chemical, material and degradation issues



  • Correlated intermittencies to root cause in a satellite RF switch
  • Determined cause of blistered castings for a European OEM
  • Analyzed burned contacts and wires in a lamp housing
  • Identified contamination residue as a result of fretting corrosion
  • Diagnosed random electrical opens in a medical device
  • Discovered source of sporadic discoloration of plastic component