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Connector Soldering


A large fraction of connectors and related components are subjected to soldering.   Successfully soldering connectors presents more challenges than other PCB components because of their larger size and greater thermal mass.  A successful soldering process must provide mechanically and electrically reliable joints.  Another important requirement for soldering: it should not negatively affect contact performance in service.  Yet another issue in soldering is component solderability, particularly its relation to shelf life.  In this area, topics such as diffusion, intermetallic compound growth, and corrosion come into play.


Lead-free soldering presents many additional problems to an already complex and demanding process.  Available process-related research on lead-free soldering is still rather limited. Lead-free solders generally do not wet as well as 60-40 solder.  Lead-free solders also require higher processing temperatures, which could negatively affect all components.  Because of higher processing temperatures, the process control ranges are much tighter.  Lead-free finishes are generally either less solderable, or introduce other problems such as joint embrittlement by gold and tin whisker growth.


The experts at APEX have extensive knowledge of soldering processes and finishes, including lead-free soldering.



  • Access extensive soldering and process expertise
  • Lower cost of process development
  • Improve process reliability
  • Prevent product failures



  • Proper material selection
  • Process parameters set-up
  • Process failure analysis
  • Balance cost vs. performance
  • Resolve compatibility issues



  • Analyzed failures in miniature coax soldering joints
  • Recommended soldering materials and product design changes in a lead-free soldering process
  • Provided a compatible substitute material for lead-free soldering