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Connector Project Administration


APEX supplies a wide range of administrative services for all types of projects, whether they are short-term and small in scope, or involve large, multi-phased programs spanning more than a year.





APEX offers unbiased, experienced, and multi-disciplined coordination of outside suppliers, client employees, and APEX experts in the execution of program plans. It identifies and clearly communicates goals and objectives, target dates, critical paths, task interrelationships, limitations, and budgetary constraints.





  • Visibility - Schedule Variances, Budget Status, Constraints, Early Warning
  • Risk Assessment - "What-If" Analysis, Plan Testing, Identification of Alternatives
  • Timeliness - Critical Path Focus, Accelerated Time-to-Market
  • Specialized Knowledge - Expertise in Electromechanical Components
  • Dedication - Undistracted, Full-Time Attention to Managing Project
  • Flexibility - As-Needed Supplement to Internal Resources
  • Cost Reduction - Working the 'Right' Plan, Managing Task Sensitivities



  • Developed timely recommendations to avoid a large capital investment by coordinating information exchange between company personnel and APEX experts
  • Synchronized activities and schedules between five different external suppliers when building connector prototypes for a large building products company
  • Provided client with an organized design history file, including records of inventions, calculations, and design changes for a newly developed medical connector
  • Identified and resolved project critical paths before engaging team resources, thus negating a hiring decision that was envisioned by client
  • Dramatically reduced time-to-market for a new electromechanical product family by parallel-starting component designs and tool builds, circumventing critical paths
  • Reduced anticipated development costs (dollars, resources, time) for a new product by substituting a simulation analysis step in place of multiple "prototype-build-test" cycles