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Due Diligence for Connectors


Lawsuits arise due to product failures and other reasons, that frequently relate to connectors and the way they are applied. The resulting legal process can be complex, time consuming, and expensive. When your company is defending against a suit, or acting as plaintiff when filing a suit against another company, APEX is able to advise on interconnection and electromechanical matters. Gain the confidence in knowing that independent, professional third-party expertise is readily available to clarify, quantify, and help resolve the situation as expeditiously as possible. APEX participates confidentially on behalf of either plaintiffs or defendants in cases involving electromechanical products, materials, wiring, connectors, processes, designs, trade secrets, and patents.




  • Quickly assess cause of failure, likelihood of recurrence, and assessment of economic damages
  • Tap multi-disciplined talent having decades of experience at resolving electromechanical issues
  • Comprehensive approach involving interconnection, application, operating environment, and other factors
  • Conserve internal resources while accessing independent, objective third-party experts
  • Experienced in Federal, district, and local court environments, protective orders, and as expert witnesses
  • Determine short-term fixes to limit damages, and long-term solutions to permanently resolve the issues



  • Application of disciplined forensic techniques to determine the root cause and modes of failure
  • Coordinated, multi-disciplined team approach
  • Active participation during the legal discovery process, through depositions and trial
  • Third-party advice and intermediation during private, out of court settlement discussions
  • Organization and development of data, exhibits, presentation materials
  • In-depth engineering, materials, connector, and related technology expertise



  • Supported plaintiff's case alleging theft of gold with theoretical calculations in an electroplating operation
  • Determined cause of failure in a case involving an electrical switch for an automotive application
  • Investigated the failure mechanism of an automotive safety restraint involved in a vehicle crash
  • Supported plaintiff with technical expertise involving wire insulation materials in a legal case
  • Demonstrated likelihood of theft of trade secrets through investigative research
  • Created demonstrative exhibits used at trial and provided related testimony in a breach of contract case
  • Enabled out-of-court settlement of a lawsuit over intellectual property relating to contact plating
  • Accelerated settlement in a case after examination of true causes of failure in a medical instrument
  • Participated in depositions, testimony, exhibit preparation, and technical investigation of additional cases