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ISO 9001 and 14001 Assistance for Connector Manufacturers


ISO certification is necessary for many manufacturers and is an integral part of the company strategy to increase revenue and reduce costs. As an example, ISO 9001 has Eight Quality Management Principles, which include Customer Focus and Process Approach:


Customer Focus
Quality is defined as meeting the customer's requirements. By focusing on the customer those requirements can be better defined. Customer requirements include physical attributes of the hardware, delivery and service needs, among others.


Process Approach
A process is a sequence of activities which transforms inputs into outputs. Therefore the company processes and how they relate to each other must be understood. ISO 14001 requires the company to define all aspects of process activities that impact the environment.




  • Utilize hands-on quality experience
  • Free-up and cross-train internal resources
  • Achieve lower cost and improved product reliability
  • Obtain independent, experienced talent
  • Avoid common ISO implementation pitfalls
  • Speed up the process of attaining ISO certification
  • Short, intermediate, and long-term availability



  • Identification of significant and sub-processes and interactions
  • Identification of process owners, their responsibilities and authorities
  • Definition of process objectives, goals, and related flow charts
  • Identification of necessary controls, measurements, resources
  • Comparison of the existing process against ISO requirements
  • Implementation planning for process improvements



  • Applied fundamental ISO principles to save client $500,000 capital expenditure
  • Conducted independent surveys prior to formal ISO audits
  • Simplified approach to ISO certification for small OEM
  • Teamed with internal quality auditors to simplify documentation
  • Counseled senior management on principles and advantages of ISO
  • Coordinated ISO compliance practices for multi-national company