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Connector Stamping


Stamped metal components are used for connector contacts, springs, latches, shields, and many other items. High volume stamping is usually done in a progressive die mounted in a stamping press, or is accomplished in a multi-slide machine. The stamping operation normally entails unreeling the raw material, feeding the material, stamping, reeling the finished parts, and in-process quality checks. The stamped components may be carried on a strip for subsequent operations, or cut loose out of the die.


There are many special operations that can be performed in a stamping process, such as deep drawing, coining, fine edge blanking, and assembly of several components.

APEX experience covers all aspects of the stamping process for a myriad of components and for many materials.




  • Achieve lower cost by enhancing throughput
  • Gain enhanced reliability
  • Improve product performance
  • Extend tool life
  • Proceed with confidence that knowledgeable industry professionals reviewed the application



  • Die design review
  • Press selection
  • Auxiliary equipment recommendations
  • Maximum equipment utilization
  • Stamping lubricant formulation
  • Review of safety, health, and environmental requirements



  • Provided a technique for fine finishing mating surfaces of a tuning fork contact  
  • Simplified the die design for a complex lead frame   
  • Recommended a stamping press and auxiliary equipment
  • Tripled the life for a die tooling
  • Formulated a custom stamping lubricant to extend product shelf life
  • Reduced parts-per-million (PPM) defects for Asian stamping operation