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Connector Assembly


The vast majority of connectors and electromechanical devices are composed of multiple components that must be accurately and cost effectively assembled. Typical assembly operations range from simplistic hand positioning to highly complex automated machines. The level of sophistication of assembly operations depends on factors such as quantity, cost, size of components, local labor rates, capital, and product life cycle. It is customary to start production with low-level assembly, and then automate as the market is established and product quantities grow. Product design plays a very important role in the selection and success of assembly operations. All levels of assembly must be considered during the initial design stage.


APEX has expertise in optimizing product design for assembly; designing all levels of assembly equipment; estimating, specifying, purchasing, installing and qualifying equipment; and conducting failure analysis on assembly operations.




  • Achieve lower cost
  • Enhance reliability
  • Reduce time-to-market (TTM) and time-to-valume (TTV)
  • Improve product quality and performance
  • Obtain expertise with all levels of small component assembly



  • Product design for assembly
  • Multiple assembly concepts
  • Assembly equipment recommendations
  • Manufacturing plans for equipment justification
  • Rview safety, health, and environmental requirements
  • Qualification of the assembly process



  • Designed filtered and shielded modular jacks for automatic assembly
  • Simplified a complex lead frame and heat sink assembly
  • Recommended assembly equipment for a heat sink assembly
  • Reduced the assembly cost of a telecommunications coaxial connector
  • Redesigned an automotive lamp socket for automatic assembly
  • Reviewed assembly operations located in China and improved throughput by 30%