Connector Supplier Article #21: Managing Connector Design Changes

Dec 30, 2015

Managing Connector Design Changes

There are many possible motivations for considering and implementing changes to the design of a connector. Typically these would include:

•Enhance performance when requested by a specific customer or the general marketplace. (Competitive performance)

•Solve an unexpected problem with the connector design that was found after release of the connector to the marketplace.

•Reduce the connector manufacturing cost (Price competition)

•Materials used to make the connector are being discontinued by the supplier and must be replaced by an alternate material.

Connector supplier Article #13: Connector Manufacturing Process Validation

Jun 25, 2015

Connector Manufacturing Process Validation

Connectors are made from plastic and metal. The selection of these materials, including metal finishing, along with very precise and detailed mechanical parameters, are described on production drawings and related specifications. Connectors that meet all the specified design requirements are manufactured and tested to validate the connector performance. A test report and product specification provides proof that the design satisfies the customers’ requirements. Often, connector performance problems in customers’ applications are a result of product that was not manufactured to specified design requirements. Manufacturing process validation will reduce the risk that this will occur..

Connector Supplier Article #5 – How to Select a Connector Supplier

Nov 6, 2014

How to Select a Connector Supplier

Once several manufacturers’ connectors have been evaluated for a specific application, it is likely that the ultimate selection will be made from at least three or four manufacturers and maybe more if the connector is an industry standard.It then becomes necessary to establish a method to select the best supplier.

Connector Supplier Article #4 – How to Specify and Select a Connector

Oct 17, 2014

How to Specify and Select a Connector

Electrical connectors are mechanical components that serve an electrical function.In addition to carrying electrical current at a specified voltage, connectors either enable interconnection of components during the assembly process or enable the user to easily disconnect and reconnect different parts of the equipment.