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APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants is open for business

APEX EIC, LLC Statement Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

To comply with State COVID-19 guidelines APEX experts are currently working from home. You may contact us as normal, either by phone, by email, or through this website’s Contact Us page.

Until these restrictions are lifted we cannot have face-to-face meetings. In the interim we can arrange a remote meeting (via such apps as ZOOM, or another program).

We also work remotely with test laboratories and can arrange for remote test monitoring if such is necessary.

Our consulting capacity is not affected in any significant way by this situation, so APEX remains ready to provide the assistance to you require.


APEX Does it Again!

APEX consultants have once again been named as inventors on a patent granted for work done for a client.The patent for CONNECTORS FOR ELECTRICALLY ACTIVE GRID was issued to Worthington Armstrong Venture.

As is common, all patents resulting from APEX work are assigned to the APEX client commissioning the work.

APEX consultants are listed as inventors on no less than 12 patents assigned to various clients.

If you have need for new and unique creativity in developing new products, please contact APEX to take advantage of their consultants which have more than 300 patents issued listing them as the inventors.

APEX also provides patent assessments and serves as expert witness during infringement suits and reexaminations.

Another educational presentation by APEX posted

Aug 10, 2016

New educational presentation by APEX posted

Apex Electrical Interconnection Consultants, LLC (APEX) continues to publish short educational presentations using the available social media channels, specifically the YouTube. The presentation by George Bedorf (APEX Principal Consultant) on problem solving (here is the link to it “Problem Solving 8D”) was posted on 8/5/13 and accumulated several thousand views. A new presentation by Edward Bock (APEX Senior Consultant), “Typical Connector Failure Modes and Mechanisms“, was recently posted on YouTube. It was narrated by Ron Locati, APEX Principal Consultant.