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Apr 22, 2015

Connector Supplier Article #12 - Basics of Connector Soldering

The Basics of Connector Soldering

Joseph Haimovich, PhD,  Senior Consultant

Many connectors and related components are subject to joining processes, which primarily involve soldering.  The quality of these processes can be a key factor in component performance.  The article covers basics of soldering, such as conditions necessary for solder to wet the substrate.  It discusses interaction of solder with substrate such as substrate dissolution and formation of intermetallic compounds (IMCs).  It also touches on soldering process issues related to obtaining adequate solder joint quality, and specific issues common to soldering of connectors versus those inherent to other components.  Other stages of the entire  manufacturing process prior to soldering could influence solder joint quality,  including storage and transportation that can unfavorably affect solderability.  In conclusion lead-free soldering is briefly discussed.

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